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Our Mission

To provide an experience of love, acceptance and inclusion to every family every time.

ZAC's Vision

is ​to create an all-inclusive program that breaks down the barriers, stigma, and myths of autism and to help cultivate growth, acceptance and unity while providing quality care at The Zokha Autism Center.

Who are we?

The Zokha Autism Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established May 11th 2021. We ae a one-stop-shop providing resources, education, and services to all families in GA through our daycare and evening and weekend respite care services.

Why Should You Choose ZAC? 

We provide everything you need under one umbrella. We've designed a multi-faceted program and  will trailblaze a dynamic world with precision for our children and their parents. There is something for everyone. Our children will be able to enjoy an academic curriculum that is created to help them win, participate in play dates, be accompanied in the classroom by an Intervention Support Specialist, and enjoy fun filled weekends at the center, in their home or out in the community.

Additional services upon request

We know how important time is and we value yours. Weekdays can be very busy with balancing family and work. ZAC wants to make sure that you know  services are currently operating on a virtual platform and will use a unique learning style to help meet the needs of each child. Because of our new virtual platform, we will be able to service children everywhere. Through our remote services, we will be able to accompany a parent on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) call and create an adaptive plan to work in accordance with the child’s academic curriculum.

We will hold  parent workshops and support groups at the center as well as virtually per parent request. Virtual classes for each child can also be requested by the parents or caregivers.  Have an IEP meeting coming up? Not to worry. An Intervention Support Specialist (ISS) will be able to sit in on virtual IEP meetings in support of parents upon their request. Project playdates will be offered along with virtual support group meetings and can be requested by the parents and caregivers.

A look into the future

An app is being created for parents and caregivers to find our Intervention Support Specialist (ISS) and for our Intervention Support Specialist (ISS) to find parents in need of respite care services. This will allow people all over to use our services and find help. Both our ISS team and our parents will be able to register and find each other no matter where they are in the world. Online trainings will be provided for our ISS in order to properly provide respite care services for our families outside of GA.

A Modern Style of Learning

Our facility will provide classes for students whose families are looking for a more modern and less traditional style of learning. Here, your child will practice life skills and integrate those skills into their academic curriculum.

ZAC will use an adaptive program called “Talk to me first” using communication boards, sign language, PECS (Picture exchange communication system) and augmentative and alternative communication devices. This program will allow and enhance communication and interaction with a child with autism and others. 

Classes and Programs

Your  child will be able to attend classes at our facility or can be accompanied by an Intervention Support Specialist (ISS) at any time in the child’s daily routine. There will be the benefit of onsite physical, occupational, and speech therapy along with chiropractic care.

There will be regular programs like weekend projects, a parent mentor buddy program, Project play date, Project Rediscover, and parent workshops. An ISS will accompany a child in the classroom providing one-on-one service at the request of the parent or caregiver. 

We're confident that The ZAC will provide quality services to meet the needs of children with autism or other neurological disorders providing caregivers with the feeling of comfort and assurance.

Our Services

  • Free Consultations
  • Virtual Classes and Remote Learning
  • IEP Parent Advocate
  • Curriculum Autism Board (CAB) Mapping
  • Curriculum Autism Adaptive Planning (CAAP)
  • Social groups
  • Chiropractic care
  • Online Trainings
  • Weekend Project Fun
  • Parent Workshops
  • In House Respite Care
  • Classroom Accompaniment
  • Bubble therapy
  • SP, OT and PT
  • Project Playdate
  • Project Rediscover
  • Caregiver Buddy System Program
  • Onsite Care
  • Talk to me first (project)
  • Music Therapy
  • Parent Support Groups

Additional Services

 The Zokha Autism Center will be providing an extended service of respite care. We offer respite care for families of children with autism. We have virtual classes, training, support groups, online groups, and other collaborations for parents. We also conduct one-on-one sessions with children with autism. Connect with us today to learn more.

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