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Meet Zokha

The Zokha Autism Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that was inspired by my oldest son. Our journey has been one full of endless learning experience empowered with love, acceptance and inclusion. When his younger brother came along it was clear that we had a busy road ahead of us and that everything would not always be in black and white. The grey areas were extremely hard to see and comprehend and made navigation through the world of autism seem unobtainable. But with the help of my husband and the amazing strength of my boys we forged ahead, breaking barriers and autism myths that surrounded us. 

Lakredi Tu Alston 

Founder and CEO

Lakredi Tu Alston is a proven leader and facilitator with over 20 years of experience in Childcare and Development Service, who provides management and staff the tools and support to attain goals. A result driven visionary, that looks forward to helping to create an atmosphere of growth and increased job satisfaction. Versatile multitasker, capable of not only coordinating schedules and personalities from an administrative role, but also a key productive and programmatic contributor within a team environment. Lakredi Tu Alston is a driven leader seeking to encourage others to excel in all aspects of their lives. Before taking the Director position, Lakredi was a senior lead teacher at Prime Care Learning Center. She quickly moved up the management ladder when her passion moved beyond the classroom into the administration office. Her drive and ambition were quickly noticed, and she immediately became an integral part of the administration team. Lakredi has since moved from the office and Prime Care and shared her passion with others as an Intervention Support Specialist until COVID-19. This was a new role that allowed her the freedom to work directly with children with special needs. Her ability to make quick assessments from observations and provide the supports to meet their needs put her at the top of her game. Lakredi is a blazing entrepreneur with a focus on Autism. She divides her passion between her mission to help serve families of children with autism through her organization The Zokha Autism Center, a respite care facility and her newest project, Mama's Closet; an organization designed to help single mothers with young children. Lakredi focuses most of her attention on autism advocacy and autism awareness as she is a mother of three children: both her boys having autism. Her dream is to ensure that families can find the help and support they need at anytime, anywhere.

A Powerful Team

The Zokha Autism Center has a team of teachers and therapists who are committed to working tirelessly to make sure your little ones are set up to win. Each staff member has been through our autism boot camp and our child safety in-services. Each staff is equipped with the tools and energy needed to take care of your child. Our staff have been trained in health and safety protocols, mandated reporting, transportation. But training won't stop there. Our team is also equipped with first aid and CPR to help keep your babies safe. They have learned strategies to help each child reach their goals in a fun and positive way while ensuring each child learns.

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