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Sibling Support Groups

We want to make sure that siblings of children with autism are not left out. Being a big sister or brother can sometimes be tough especially when a sibling needs more attention. Our sibling support groups will give siblings a chance to see that they are not alone and allow them to draw strength from each other.


Parent Support Groups

We know how important it is for families to have support in the school and the community. Our weekly support groups will allow not only parents of children with autism, but also their siblings to talk about their feelings and discuss ways to get help when needed. Most importantly ZAC is not just here to listen but to help provide the support to give balance and comfort. 

Therapy for All

“Tactile” refers to the experience of touch, including textures, detecting hot and cold temperatures, moisture and pain. “Vestibular” is the sensory system that controls balance and movement, including auditory processing and visual development — a.k.a., sight and sound. The third system — “proprioceptive” — includes all muscles and joints, which means it influences a variety of bodily functions, including needing to use the bathroom and feelings of being hungry.

An inability to regulate certain sensory stimuli from any or all of these systems is called “sensory processing disorder.” In many cases, it can cause a variety of negative behaviors, such as acting out, fighting, meltdowns, spinning, rocking or hand-flapping, as well as problems with information processing and development.

One increasingly popular method of treating and overcoming sensory problems is the use of a sensory room. Our sensory room will provide a  safe” space  for our children with sensory issues to decompress and confront a variety of sensory issues in a way that will ultimately help them learn to cope with seemingly normal experiences.


The Zokha Autism Center will use an adaptive program called “Talk to me first” using communication boards, sign language, PECS (Picture exchange communication system) and augmentative and alternative communication devices. This program will allow and enhance communication and interaction with a child with autism and others.

Our children will be able to attend classes at our facility and can be accompanied by an ISS in any aspect of the child’s daily routine. We will also provide physical, occupational and speech therapy along with chiropractic care.

There will be regular programs like weekend projects, a parent mentor buddy program, Project playdate, Project Rediscover, parent workshops, social groups and sibling support groups.

If a parent prefers for their child to stay in a traditional school setting, The Zokha Autism Center will send an Intervention Support Specialist to accompany a child in the classroom providing one on one service at the request of the caregiver. 

Our onsite facility will provide weekend programs and fun for everyone.

We believe that The Zokha Autism Center/ZAC will provide quality services to meet the needs of children with autism or other neurological disorders providing caregivers with the feeling of comfort and assurance.

Social Groups

We encourage social interaction through social groups and play. Our goal is that every child at the center feel love and appreciated not only by the teachers and the staff, but also each other.

Learning should be fun. The classroom should be a place where  children can be themselves and thrive. Every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential in a loving, accepting and inclusive environment.

We know that sometimes a child may find it hard communicating with others or being social. Our social groups and buddy program will allow children to explore relationships on their terms while learning how to communicate in different ways.

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