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What People Say

“Ms. Lakredi has been in our lives for quite some time now and Cameron surprisingly took to her right away! My Cameron is the type of child who is full of unwavering energy, he loves to dance, take things apart and discover new things; but meeting new people is NOT on that list.

When I was given Ms. Lakredi’s number I was told that she provided respite care to families with autism. I held onto her information for a long time, but didn’t call because I was simply tired of calling specialists and experts and the list goes on and on. Her name would cross my mind periodically and I would go to my contact list to make sure her information was still there because I KNEW one day she would be instrumental in our lives.

Ms. Lakredi has helped my husband and I tremendously by providing services to Cam when it had been years since we could enjoy a simple meal together. The part that amazes me about Ms. Lakredi is she has two boys with autism, who are thriving and yet she still finds time to give so much to other families!!

We’re now working on a plan to give Cameron some much needed help with schooling and ABA Therapy and we couldn’t be more excited!!”

- The Zokha Autism Center Client

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